Plantation & Care


Congratulations! You’ve bought the original bee and butterflies attracting Beedance®. Beedance is a bedding plant that can be used for hanging baskets, window or balcony boxes, patio pots and as a ground-cover. Duration of flowering in the garden is from April/May until November.

After locating and purchasing a quality plant at the store, it is important to find the perfect place for it at your home. Bidens Beedance Painted Red is a full sun annual that tolerates heat well. Beedance needs a good amount of light to be able to flower, so for perfect blooming a bright place is recommended.

The best time for planting your flower is mid-spring or early summer, after the threat of frost has passed. Be careful not to take your plant outside too early in the spring. If there is still a chance of frost in your area, keep your plant safe indoors, maintaining care in the container. Bidens will last from late spring, through the summer, until the end of fall.

Bidens Beedance is a low maintenance plant that does not require deadheading. Fertilizer or compost application will ensure optimal plant performance. Your beedance likes some feeding once a month. That way, it will retain its striking colours and you can enjoy your Beedance endlessly. Be sure to apply low to the ground, near the plant’s main stem, avoiding wetting the plant’s foliage, for quick absorption and utilization. Bidens requires good moisture levels but must be well-drained. It is important to ensure good drainage in both containers and landscaping, to prevent diseases like root rot. Drainage holes, elevated flower gardens, and proper soil composition are three great ways to prevent root rot and help your plants maintain a healthy moisture level. Bidens are also drought tolerant.

Another great feature of Bidens Beedance is their bloom production. These mounded beauties will continuously bloom all season. While the plant does not require deadheading, if your plants start to look messy, feel free to trim them back to keep them tight and well shaped. After pinching back, your plant should begin to bloom again within 1-2 weeks.

A common pest for Bidens is white flies. The white flies can be a problem under severe insect pressure. Continually survey your plants and treat as needed with appropriate biological controls.



How To Use

  • Edging
  • Window Boxes
  • Container
  • Rock Garden
  • Border
  • Filler
  • Mass Planting
  • Versatile
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Ground Cover


  • No Deadheading
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Heat Tolerant
  • Mini Flower
  • Semi-Double Flower
  • Fragrant


  • Fall
  • Summer
  • Spring

Attracts Wildlife

  • Bees
  • Butterflies


  • Full Sun


  • Spring
  • Fall
  • Summer

Soil Moisture

  • Average
  • Well Drained


  • Semi Trailing

Foliage Colour

  • Green

Mix tips


Beedance is easy to mix with other Suntory® genetics. Here are a couple examples.

Beedance in combination with sundaville

Bee Crazy

Bidens ‘Beedance Painted Yellow’, Mandevilla ‘Sundaville Apricot’ and Ipomoea ‘Suntory Ipomoea Lime’

Suntory 2016 Combo Leaflet

Bee Fabulous

Bidens ‘Beedance Painted Red’, Petunia ‘Surfinia Deep Red’ and Lobelia ‘Suntory Lobelia Trailing White’

Suntory 2016 Combo Leaflet


Bidens ‘Beedance Painted Red’, Verbena ‘Temari Trailing Blue’ and Lobelia ‘Suntory Lobelia Trailing White’

Bees facts &


Although Beedance is seed sterile, it is not pollen sterile and truly does attract bees and butterflies. Painted Red, especially, has a soft honey fragrance.

Bees and butterflies love beedance

Bee Friendly For Bees!

  • Create a lovely bee and insect friendly garden! Lots of flowers, plants, and water in your garden will make your garden a real home for bees, butterflies and other useful insects.
  • Bees and butterflies love Beedance, planting these plants will make your garden heaven for these insects.
  • Use specially designed insects houses to create a safe home for several useful insects
  • When dealing with pests in your garden, try to solve this problem without chemicals

 Bee Dazzled By These Bee Facts!

  • Bees only sting when they’re really in danger, because their stinger comes of when they do sting.
  • Bees are incredibly hard workers. In summer most bees work so hard that they only live up to six weeks before they die.
  • When on a trip looking for pollen, a honey bee visits 50 to a 100 flowers. Honey bees communicate with their kind by dancing, it’s called the Waggle dance.
  • One honey bee will only produce 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in its entire life
  • Lots of plants depend on insects like bees to be pollinated, the nectar they provide is their way of saying ‘thank you!’

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