Beedance is best novelty during IPM Essen 2015

Moerheim New Plant started off this season with a great achievement during the IPM 2015 in Essen last week. Beedance® Painted Red won the prize for ‘IPM Novelty 2015’ in the category ‘bedding and balcony plants’.

According to the professional IPM jury, the large, yellow-red coloured flowers of Beedance® are truly special and a unique innovation. As an annual summer bloomer, Beedance® is suited for use in both small and large spaces in the garden and on terraces and balconies.


Another benefit of Beedance® is its irresistibility to bees and butterflies, creating a ‘durable added value to its environment’, according to the jury. This novelty from the Suntory® Collection Europe will be available for consumers in the spring of 2016.
Beedance® in SmartCup®

Moerheim New Plant also used the IPM 2015 to launch its new marketing concepts. Beedance® for example, is presented in SmartCups®, especially designed by business partner Elburg-Smit. These waterproof cups are ideal to show the ‘look & feel’ of the brand Beedance®, together with striking labels and a convenient store display Beedance® will be an outstanding and easy to realize concept for on store floors.


Missed the new Beedance®? Moerheim New Plant is happy to introduce you to our prize winner. Meet us during the Tuinbouw Relatiedagen in Gorinchem, Salon du Végétal in Angers, France or contact us and take a look at the new Beedance® at our selection greenhouses in Leimuiderbrug, The Netherlands.


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www.hortidaily.com | 2/9/2015